Thursday, April 7, 2022

5 Major Advantages of Facebook Marketing in 2022

With more than 1.4 billion users visiting every day, Facebook is definitely the largest social media platform today.


That’s why marketers can’t ignore the potential reach that the social networking behemoth can give to businesses.

In fact, 80 million businesses have a presence on the social network, according to Facebook.

Some marketers, especially those in B2B, complain about Facebook nowadays.

They have decided that Facebook marketing dead, saying things like:

It may be good for B2C, but we’ll never see any traction trying to reach our audience personas while they’re browsing friends’ photos on Facebook.
You can only win if you’re creating tons of original content, and there’s no point “building on rented land.”
With all the algorithm changes in recent years, reach has become negligible – and pay-to-play is so competitive, that it’s too expensive.
But none of that is necessarily the case.

In a 2017 benchmark study from the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, only 38 percent of B2B marketers named Facebook as an important channel for their content distribution success.

The rest may be wise to de-emphasize Facebook, or maybe they’re just “doing it wrong.”

With over 2.2 billion monthly active users based all over the world, a growing set of platforms, and communities congregating around every interest, it’s impossible to argue that there’s no value in Facebook as a marketing tool.

And for B2B industries, it’s still very much an untapped opportunity.

In fact, of all those users, business decision makers spend 74 percent more time on Facebook than other people – and are disproportionately engaged, to boot.

How many times have you checked your own notifications this week?

Yes, Facebook is crowded, but it’s that way for a reason.

Facebook is a resource and water cooler for everyone, and we’re using it constantly.

It’s become an ingrained part of our lives and culture.

While you might want to resist it, Facebook can still be a huge benefit to your business.

Here are some types of key business results that Facebook still has to offer.

1. Grow Brand Awareness & Traffic

OK, it’s true that organic for page posts in the news feed isn’t what it used to be.

Especially for reaching colder, less engaged audiences for things like brand awareness and driving traffic, the tactics that worked a few years ago will be a waste of effort now.

But luckily, when it comes to social media marketing, Facebook offers more than other networks in terms of alternative ways to reach your audience.

Sponsored posts come with advanced targeting capabilities and options that let you reach new audiences for a brand impression or a click.

For example, lookalike audiences can help you reach new people relevant to your business using your existing email list, website visitors, or customer base.

Hawke Media’s Facebook advertising strategy started with this step and brought them a 4x return on ad spend.

You can also use organic methods besides your own page to reach people, such as Facebook groups and influencer marketing.

These presences aren’t taking the hit that brands are in the news feed, so using them in tandem with your page can help you get your content seen.

Once you’re making good use of these tactics at the top of your marketing funnel, helping to drive traffic and build brand awareness, you can start to nurture and convert your audience.

2. Keep Your Existing Audience Engaged

Your audience needs to be warmed up in order to:

  • Maintain their interest.
  • Educate them about the advantages of your solution.
  • Build trust with them.
  • Ready them for a sales pitch.

Facebook is where your audience was spending time already, so engaging with them there makes a lot of sense.

Instead of just using the network to drive traffic and leads, taking people away from the Facebook experience that they’re in the midst of enjoying, try driving conversation and actions within the platform itself.

Keep your brand top of mind, making it easy to nurture your relationship.

And there have never been more content options for keeping your audience engaged:

  • “Plain old” engaging content like text posts and photos
  • Recorded videos
  • Live videos
  • Facebook groups
  • Messenger bots
  • One of your best bets will be live video.

Some 20 percent of all Facebook videos are live, so marketers who experiment with this format have a definite advantage.