Tuesday, November 26, 2019

How To Improve conversion Rate And CTR ( Click Throught Rate )

Do you ever asked your self what is a conversion rate? do you want to know why this concept is very important in digital marketing world and why all digital marketer rely on it ?

how to improve conversion rate

If so then you're in the right place if you are:

  • Junior marketer and making your first steps into huge digital marketing world.
  • Junior business pioneer and you need to know the basics of evaluation of marketing campaigns.
  • Or you are someone who interested on digital marketing.
Here on this article you'll find anything you want to know about conversion rate, in this article you will get to know about: 
  • Definition of conversion rate.
  • Practical experiments on coversion rate.
  • Importance of caculating your conversion rate on marketing campaigns.
  • What is the CTR and it's relationship to Conversion Rate.
  • How to make conversion rate not to fool you when evaluating your campaigns.
  • How to improve conversion rate.
All of above points will be explained on simplified way to make it clear to you with a lot of practical examples so you know what is coversion rate, and how to depend on it in the right way as a digital marketer.

What is a Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate is an scale that used to measure different marketing campaigns efficiency, it's mean the percentage of customers did the required offer from the total number visitors  of that offer.

Let me explain it to you more, let say for example you made an advertisment for a discount on your resturant, and you distribute your advertisment to 100 people, and then only 20 people came to your resturant.

That mean the conversion rate is 20%. as i mentioned a conversion rate depend on your demand that you request from your clients, which means the goal you want to reach.

Most famous of this demands are:
  • The Sales.
  • Fill out data forms.
  • Contact your company by using phone.
  • Send message throught your chating apps like whatsapp.
  • Sign up on survey.
  • Subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Follow your account  on social media like facebook, twitter..etc.
Those demands called ( CTA - Call To Action ), and conversion rate caculated depend on clients respose to CTA.

Now it's become clear to you a conversion rate is one of most important factors you should keep in mind when evaluating any marketing campaigns whatever goal it was built for.

At most whenever conversion rate is hight that indicates your campaigns is successful and doing good. but be carefull not to be foold by statistics which i will explain it to you later.

How To Caculate Conversion Rate?

Caculating conversion rate is very simple as i mentioned in the previous example, all you need to know is total number of visitors to your offer, and the number of clients who response to your your CTA.

Let's say you run an sponsored advetiesment on facebook to get sales on some of products on your e-commerce website, and after the end of ad you found 1500 people visited your e-commerce and only 100 of them they actualy buy your product.

So the conversion rate is 6.66% ( 100 / 1500 * 100 ). we can make more examples but for now i belive you understand the conversion rate and how to caculate it.

Importance of Conversion Rate on Digital Marketing 

As i mentioned before a conversion rate is very important scale to evaluate the efficienc of different marketing campaigns in every business over any platform, even on-road marketing campaigns.

This is not all about CR, ther are a lot of reasons which makes all marketer interested on conversion rate on their different marketing campaigns.

1- Comparison Different Marketing Campaigns 

We can use conversion rate to compare between different campaigns to know which one of them will success intiaily.

Keep in mind a conversion rate is just a percentage, and it's not the only factor that used to compare between different campaigns.

2-  Comparison Different Landing Pages

Landing page is page that your client reach out when he/her click on your ad, like products page on the previous example, which must be well-designed in appropriate way to help your client make the decision you want.

That is why all marketer use  conversion rates on landing pages to test their effectiveness and achieving profits.

Imagine you've made two ad campaigns similar to each other on almost everything, but the first one will lead the clients to landing page (A) and the other one to landing page (B).

After comparison conversion rate between this two landing pages, you will decide to choose the page that reach higher conversion rate to use it continuously on your different marketing campaigns.

This tactic on comparison called ( A / B Testing ) and it's one of the important ways every marketer depend on it to improve conversion rate.

3- Testing Different Traffic Sources

Imagine that you have an offer for the same product, and you've made an advertisement for this offer with the same landing page, one on facebook and the other one on instagram.

And the you find out that facebook ad conversion rate is higher than instagram ad conversion rate, this mean traffic came from facebook is better for your offer.

This test used by senior marketer to choose best traffic source for their offers campaigns.

4- Testing Different Advertisments

If the conversion rate is high in ads that mean your ad is doing good and achieving results you want, this is the goal of knowing conversion rate for each ad campaigns.

5-  Ensure efficiency of Your Marketing Team

If you were a business pioneer and you want to ensure that your marketing team doing good or not, just ask them a conversion rate they've reached.

Collecting data and comparison between different elements on marketing campaigns is essential step that all marketer depends on to evaluate and decsion making.

Now you knew the importance of a conversion rate of different marketing campaigns, now i need you to know about another important concept related to conversion rate.

What is The CTR ( CTR - Click Throught Rate )?

CTR is a percentage of clicks on ad from the total number of views or imperssions that the ad has achived.

Imperssions: is a marketing concept refer to to number of imperssions that your ad has reached, but not every imperssion became a click and not every one clicks your ad and navigate to your landing page made a pusrchase and became buyer of your product.

CTR mostly be as advanced stage than conversion rate, it used to calculate the ad itself every time an ad is too good it's mean it will get more clicks.

CTR doesn't used in marketing campaigns but it's also used for interacting with search engine results, for example if in one day 500 users wrote keyword on google search and one of your website articles appeared in the second position of the first page on google search, and your post get 100 clicks that means 20% of CTR.

From this example CTR being caculated as this formula ( Number of Clicks / Number of Views or Imperssions ).

Importance of Getting Accurate Information About Conversion Rate

As i said before conversion rate it's not everything, and in most cases it's just initial evaluation of how your marketing campaigns is effective.

Let me explain some examples to make it clear for you, to know that you need more info about conversion rate for each element of your ads or your campaigns in general.

Suppose that: you've found conversion rate on one of your ads is 50%, wonder ! what you concluded from this perentage?

  • your ad is awesome.
  • or your landing page is very good.
  • or your traffic source is too good.
What you say if i told you the whole number of visitors of landing page is just 2..? yes just two persons who visit your landing page after watching your advertisement.

Do you think in this situation the conversion rate will be an scale for sccuess of your campaigns or fail? ofcourse NO, because you need more experiment.

So firstable you need to make sure you've made enough experiments, and you've got good amount of visitors to make sure your caculation is accurate.

Another example: Let's say you have two ads for the same product, the first one it is conversion rate is 8%, the other one is just 5%, wonder what one of this two ads is sccessful one?

If you choosed the first one then let me tell you you're wrong, because there are a lot of info you need to know, LIKE:
  • Does the traffic is same on these ads?
  • What the budget of each ad?

Let's say the traffic source is the same, and the first ad budget is 100$, while the other ad it's budget is 20$, so don't you think the second ad is better?

Despite that the conversion rate in the second is less, while the second  ad in the last way better for you from the first ad because it have less budget.

And if you spend 100$ on the second ad you'll get double of results. and this is the in the end from any marketing campaigns.

So don't decoy on the conversion rate and thinking that it's everything, you must have take a look at every inputs and informations before you judge any marketing campaigns.


Now you've learnd in detail what is a coversion rate and it's importance on marketing porcess, also you knew that the coversion rate is not enough to evaluate any marketing campaigns.

Now go and make some marketing campaigns paid or free to apply what you've learnd here, don't forget to share this article if you find it useful, cheers.

Source: https://www.insurance-mag.com/2019/11/improve-conversion-rate.html