Monday, December 2, 2019

How To Make Your Android Phone Turns WiFi Off On Sleep Mode

How to turns wifi off while on the sleep mode?


Whenever you are in Available WiFi connection, your phone automatically connects to it even thought you don't use your phone. But most of times you forget about this type of active connections while your phone is not used which lead to consuming your bat tar. 

Android doesn't have a default mode for disabling  WiFi while you don't even using your phone, this type of connection will turn on even thought you don't connect to any network, which means you will drain your battery without any clear reason. 
In this tutorial you will learn how to turn wifi off by default while you don't use your phone is simple steps.

As we mentioned above android system doesn't have ability to turn wifi off when you go to somewhere you that have wifi network you connect to it before so you will need to use a simple app to get rid of this problem, the app is free and available on the play store called.

"Better WiFi On / Off",
Download it and install it and follow the instructions bellow:
Once you've installed the app open it and click on "Reject button" and then click on the options button as on the picture bellow:
Scroll down to the expert mode:
You are ready! Every time your phone goes to sleep mode wifi will be disabled by default which will not consume more battery power for no reason, last work you can make the app run on restarting. Have a good day! Cheers.



Go back to the main page of the app and click on the option key again to access app settings, make sure to activate "off when the screen off" option and you are done!.