Thursday, April 7, 2022

To best Websites To Design Infographic in 2022


As long you search for best infographic sites that mean you already know the importance of ( Visual Content ) for displaying inputs and informations.

It doesn't matter what is your niche or your content, nowadays people cares about transfeering knowledge in simplified way between each others, and those peoples are:

  • Teachers trying explain concepts and methods to their students.
  • Students on submiting their projects and experiments.
  • Employee who depend on demos, and discussing ideas and different statistics to make decisions.
  • Public figures on social media.
  • E-commerce and websites owners.

And many more, if you're one of those people or you have the same goals, you're in the right place because you'll find in this article everything you need to know about the best websites for creating infographic for any business.

Everyone search for infographic tools face some problems:
  • The price.
  • Easy of use.
  • Type of files that can be extracted from infographic websites.
So in each infographic website on this article i will give you each website characteristics that you must know, and some advice to help you for choosing the best site that suits you business.

Before we talk about the best site to desgin infographic, let me first explain to you a collection of standards and points about how to choose infographic websites, which i followed to choose this top 5 sites you will see on this article.

How To Choose The Best Infographic Websites?

There are many possibilities that must be available on websites you will rely on to design infographic, especially  if you were not designer or Illustrator expert.

I make sure these possibilities  will be available on website list on this tutorial.

So let's begin and show these websites one by one:

1- Canva

One of the best websites to create photos and infographic ever it suits every business, also it has awesome tools for free.

Price: you can use Canva totally for FREE, and the paid version start from 13$ monthly.

Features: this website has way awesome tools like:
  • Contains many ready templates.
  • You can edit any template easily.
  • You can use your own photos.
  • This website has a big library of icons and effects that you can use for free, despite the paid one.
  • The paid version of website gives you cool tools for low price.
  • You can design photos with dimensions not only infographic.

This website is the best for beginners, especially because it's free and has more than good tools.

Link To Website: Canva

2- Venngage

Venngage is the best proffessional infographic website, you'll find most important and biggest companies  that use this website like ( Google - Forbus - Harfard University ) and many more.

Here is a video tutorial of how to use venngage:

Price: you can use venngage totally for free, and the paid version start from 19$ / month.

Features:  venngage has very cool and ineresting tools like:

  • Contains a big library of read-templates which covering almost any type of infographic.
  • You can easily edit any template.
  • You can use your own images.
  • Has a big library of icons and effects that you can use for free.
  • Paid version of venngage considered as the strongest infographic tool for companies that use venngage, their statistics tells that.
  • The free version of venngage won't let you to download the infographic you made with their website, also contain their watemark.
  • Venngage is multi-language.

Venngage is the best infographic website for companies and experts, especially if it used by a team worker because it provides solutions for people who's working as team.

Link to website: Venngage 

One of the best infographic websites which suits digital content creator, if you were a blogger or you work on social media or you are a teacher then then this website will help you a lot.

Here is a video tutorial show you how to use

Price: you can use for free and the paid version start from as low as 5$ per month.

Features: this website has a great tools see it below:

  • Contains almost about 250 ready-templates, templates are added to website periodically.
  • You can easily edit any template.
  • You can use your own photos.
  • Contains about 2M of free icons and effects which you can use as you want.
  • Paid version of provides you advanced options for low price.
  • You can design any photo not only infographic.
conclusion is the best on point of view for teachers and digital content writers and beginners, because it's very easy to use, the only disadvantage that the free version gives you limited permissions.

Also you can't donlowad photos in hight-quality only low-quality is permitted, so if you want get the most out of this website i advice you to use the paid version it's very low on my opinion, 5$ is not a big deal isn't it?.

Link to website: Easel

4- Piktochart

This awesome website made especially for companies and designers who's dealing directly with their customers, because of solutions which piktochart provides and types of designs the depend on.

You can figure out this video tutorial by yourself to know how to use Piktochart:

Price: piktochart has totally free version you can use and the paid version start from 29$ per month.

Features: awesome features this website has got are:

  • Has a good amount of ready-templates especially those which aim to promote certain product.
  • You can edit any template super easy.
  • You can use your own images.
  • Contains a big library of free icons and cool effects.
  • The free version lets you create infinite number of designs, but every design will contain website watermark.
  • The paid version provide you advanced features especially if it were used by multiple user in the same time.
  • You can create infographic, presentations infographics and posters.

Piktochart is excellent, you can try all of it's features by yourself, the only disadvantage of piktochart it is price is somehow is hight, but if you have the budget then i think this website is your best choice.

Link to website: Piktochart

5- Visme

Visme is a cool infographic website, it provides features and tools that can't be found on the other websites, these features directed to marketer and  e-commerce websites owners.

Things makes this website even greater is that it has a youtube channel which contains many video tutorials and practical experiments, which will make you a good infographic designer one day.

Price: you can use visme for free and their paid version start from 24$ per month.

Features: cool features let me intrduce them to you:
  • Contains huge number of ready-templates almost ( 550 templates ).
  • You can easily edit their templates.
  • You are free to use your own pictures.
  • Visme has tons of free icons and effects and you are free to use them, but this time you can use effects to create animations cool huh?.
  • You can extract these animations in HTML5 format, which you  can merge directly to your website, it's cool feature doesn't exist on many other infographic sites.
  • Paid version of visme provides you super awesome features which can be used by many users at the same time.

This site provide alluring features as i mentioned above for pro marketers and even website designers and developers.

Link to website: Visme

Last Words

Now it is up to you to choose your suitable infographic website to create your awesome designs and deliver your goals on simplified way, remember these websites are just tools, the most important is the idea and the information you'll show to your customers or your followers, have a good day and see you in the next article cheers.