Sunday, December 1, 2019

Best App For Your Business: Snapchat vs Instagram

When we think of the magnificent  growth of electronic trade nowadays, we'll find that social media play an important role in this development. So many people and business owners seeking to market their brands and different products throughout these social networks. But always they are facing this inquiry, do you have to have an account that expresses your commercial activity on Instagram or Snapchat? Or both.


Even though of the popularity of both, yet there is a pressing question between business owners and pioneers. But before we answer it, we must evaluate important aspects for each network of these two.

For example, let's take a look at instagram users compared to snapshot users, and find out the rate of shares and interactions for each one. And how any company or business activity marketing on this platform?. Knowing that the answer will differ by different targeted audience for each company and business activity.

Below, let's take a look at the most important statistics for each platform.


Instagram surpass in term of women, if your business or your commercial activity waved more for women rather than men, then instagram is suitable for your business and your marketing goals!


While snapchat has a user base of younger, whereas the app wave for teenager and young persons. I  fact, more than 53% of snapchat users are young people under 25. For that snapchat maybe suitable for your business if you are targeting youth and teenagers.


But don't forget that instagram has features that are not available on snapchat which can support your brand and your commercial activity effectively, and help to attract more followers faster than snapchat. One of these features is the ability to post photos and visuals, content " like posting short and long videos", plus feature stories that were cited from a snapshot, it can also allow users to see your products and buy them instantly with the money you publish it, also you can expand your content spread in all ways across Facebook advertising platform accompaniment to instagram, all this may make the content you share able to attract more audience to engage with it.

In the other side snapchat works as a documentation of several daily life moments periodically through posting unique stories which contains a better filter and stronger than instagram, it's considered as a good opportunity for companies and commercial activities which will make it easier for them to reach this part of younger, which represents a real treasure for some business and brands. In addition to that between 37 to 46% of snapshot users doesn't even use instagram, so this category you can't reach by anyway.

Level of engagement 

Even though of difficult to compare the rate of engagement between instagram and snapchat due to the difference of the basic system of each platform, where users of instagram can like any content on the platform an comment on it, beside watching videos and tagging their friends about it and re-post it on their stories in they needed to. While on snapchat, it's way different where you can just view who see your stories and see who replied to your stories.


So that it's fair to compare just instagram stories with snapchat stories, and then we'll also find that the rates of engagement with instagram stories 28% better than snapchat stories. In fact snapshot stories viewers decreased about 40% after instagram launching  stories feature for the first time. 


Is that means you have to transfer to instagram from today? In fact you can't say that as a senior marketer, because the answer to this question lies in your study of your actual audience and where they engages strongly? So you must try both platforms for a while with the same budget to take an idea about both platforms and then choose which one is best for your business and which one contain your targeted audience?

The possibility of promoting your company

Instagram provides excellent possibilities for business pioneers and commercial project owners allow them to create ads and target their potential audience either using stories or videos or photos, even though that advertising companies costs rising globally, but instagram ads are cheaper snapchat ads.

Even though that snapchat ads is more expensive it provides a good and unique possibilities to enhance user engagement with your business and brand. 

What else?

Even though instagram looks better than snapchat in most cases, and that's somehow true, but it is important considerate the suitable platform that your targeted audience prefers.

For example: if your targeted audience is students and teenagers, then you reach them out more effectively through snapchat rather than instagram, remember that a large number of snapchat users are not using instagram, so snapchat may be your only way to reach them out.

I hope this analysis between these two platforms is helpful for you to make the right decision.