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What is the best business for a woman to start

What is the best business for a woman to start

Despite the recent victories achieved by Arab women in the labour market, their participation rate does not exceed 18.4%, which is well below the global average of 48%, due to the difficulties arab women face in deciding to work, primarily the burdens of the home and the lack of time available, in addition to the customs and traditions restricted to this decision in some countries, and the lack of a good guide to teach the necessary administrative and practical skills. 

Based on the above and our belief in the importance of women's role and influence in society, we will give you everything you need to start your small business, from providing 7 small, profitable and inexpensive business ideas for women, as well as guiding you to the perfect way to get all the skills you need to break into the labor market and take leadership positions there as well. 

7 Business ideas  for ladies sitting at home

When it comes to small and profitable business ideas for women, there are some data that must be taken into account, such as being simple and not requiring a huge financial cost, having the flexibility to manage it from home at times, giving the owner enough time to supervise it in addition to its daily tasks, as well as the ease of managing it alone or with a small team. 

So with the following lines, we'll help you not only find 7 ideas for small, very profitable projects for women at no cost, but also help you figure out both how to implement each project and what tips to take before you start it. 

1- Marketing of clothing and products from Shein 

Shi In SHEIN is one of the most popular electronic retail applications in every girl's phone now, the app has been able in a little time to get the attention of women in the Arab world, especially the segment of those coming to marriage due to the store contains a variety of clothes, shoes and accessories to keep up with fashion, in addition to cheap price compared to other electronic stores. 

If you're interested in the fashion world, you've certainly met one of the marketing groups for SheIN products or you're basically one of their clients, and although it may seem difficult at first, you can do the same with ease and ease. 

All you have to do is join The Shen Marketers Program by filling out the application form on the site, and then getting a confirmation email with 100 free points available for use. 

what makes shein successful?

The advantage of Shi Inn Associates program is that the platform gives you gift bonus points from the beginning of use, plus a commission rate of 10% to 20% on each successful order, i.e. the more you can attract customers to the platform, the more chance you get attractive financial discounts, which increases your profit margin, as well as buy what you want at a lower price than is easily offered. 

In order for this project to become your new successful project, you must first create a special product marketing group, where you can gather as much of your target audience as possible, as well as the ability to market the content displayed in the right way. 

If working as a commission marketer on Shein is not enough, and you want to develop the business so that you market and sell products as well, we advise you at first if you are residing in Egypt, not to ship the products directly to your place, but to be shipped to a friend or relative residing abroad, especially in a sister Arab country, and then shipped to you in order to reduce the exchange rate in currency from the dollar to the Egyptian pound, in addition to high shipping costs and customs from Abroad to Egypt directly. 

It is also important to use the points and rewards system to build a strong relationship between you and your target audience, i.e. you can make special offers to brides by providing nightwear at an exclusive discount to customers, or to display products at the beginning of the season at lower prices than available on the original site, which tempts customers to buy from you instead of buying through the app and fine the cost of shipping and customs as well. 

You should also avoid making the beginner's mistake, which is to delay the payment process to the receipt stage, where you can then be exposed to the cost of the goods after the customer has made up his purchasing decision, so fortify yourself first by obtaining 50% of the product cost in advance before ordering. 

In the end, in order for your customers to have a 100% satisfactory purchasing experience, the final stage, the delivery phase, must be very excellent, so that you contract with a professional shipping company, capable of delivering products in record time as soon as they arrive, and the customer does not incur a major financial fee, and her team is highly professional both in terms of treatment and maintaining the safety and safety of the products.  

2- Home Decor Handicrafts 

Handicrafts are one of the small, successful projects that women have always enjoyed and mastered, and although men have begun to crowd this area as well, women still have their magic touch, so if you plan to win a guaranteed and fast place in a field that never beats surprise, handicrafts will be your perfect place to start. 

Handicraft projects need a special skill, especially in the fields of knitwear and crochet, but the technology has also been able to replace it with new tools through which to sew clothes with ease and ease, all you have to do is identify the colors and put them in the order you want, and then the knitting machine will take over in moments.

So it's okay if you don't have the skill to start knitting or crocheting, all you need is the right device to work through, as well as familiarity with the forms and arts of this field so you can please all parties.

In addition to the art of knitted, crocheted and embroidery, a new art is beginning to make its way to success, and has already begun to capture the admiration of many, the art of razian. It is an art based primarily on creativity, exploiting the transparent rezine industry in the work and design of antiques and molds as well as exquisite accessories.

Initially, getting Rizin was very difficult, but after its widespread use of decoration and decoration as a staple that many turn to at the beginning of their way, its places of sale and presence began to spread, especially in popular places, if you could easily buy it from the threshold or by buying it directly from pages dedicated to selling it online or through private libraries.

The secret to the success of the rezin projects is that the owners have been able to create a correlation between the material and their own memories, if the rezine is used frequently in the preservation of rose bouquets and private belongings whose owners do not wish to be damaged or destroyed. 

3- Simple engagement decorations at home

One of the successful ideas in the field of small projects for women is the project of designing engagement and wedding decorations, a project that is very suitable for girls, especially young people, because the bride feels comfortable dealing with a girl compared to men, in addition to the common sense of tasting fashion and keeping up with trends. 

In order to open your engagement and wedding decoration design project, you must have a little prior knowledge of the art of d├ęcor, and if you don't have don't worry, there are courses available online that help you understand the spaces and how to exploit them, as well as learn about different tastes and how to satisfy them. 

We recommend that you initially get a course specialized in the field, because no matter how talented you are in designing great decorations, you will not expect the problems and crises that you will face on the ground once you deal with customers directly, so the course will help you not only know the types of customers and the nature of the problems you may face with them, but also keep up with everything new in the field and deal professionally to avoid making any mistakes. 

Excellence in this field depends not only on talent, but also on the ability to market and promote business, so always make sure to photograph your business professionally and display it attractively to customers, publish positive ratings periodically, present new ideas and assess the rate at which your audience interacts with you, download exclusive discounts for pre-booking from time to time.

The last advice we give you in this project is to never stop visually feeding the work of your competitors in the field, so that on the one hand you can keep up with everything new in the arena, as well as come up with new ideas to work on, and this can be done easily by indirect monitoring of the business of competitors and customer interaction with them, or by resorting to pinterest to come up with new ideas. 

4- Best baked goods to sell from home

The pastry and baked goods sale is one of the projects that has always been associated with working women, especially at the beginning of her career, because she tends to use her cooking skills as one of the skills that characterizes her in a market, so if you already have this skill and have a great touch in making and designing pastries, this is the perfect project to start with. 

All you'll need to start a pastry and baked goods business, along with your baking skills, at least 2 strong electric doughs, baked goods, an electric racket, a spacious oven, multi-shaped molds, special pastry-boiling machines, pastry cans, dough-making materials, ample space for preparing and designing baked goods, as well as bags bearing your project name and your brand logo.  

Besides your experience, you also need at least two on your team, so they can help, pack and prepare the necessary steps for baking and decorating, and if you don't already have the skill to prepare delicious pastries, you don't have to worry either, you can just be administratively and financially supervised, appoint experienced people to take over the preparation task, and you market and manage sales. 

However, the use of others in this type of project is not entirely favourable, especially if the baker is not a partner in the project or has a percentage of his profits, most of these projects end up leaving him to work and starting his new private project, after he succeeded in getting the admiration of your customers and managed to build a good reputation with them. 

So if you don't already have this skill, it's best to make sure that the team is given the right moral and financial recognition, so that they are an integral part of the brand as a whole, not one of its stations. 

It is also important at this stage to hire a professional photographer even temporarily to photograph products in an attractive way, it is the most successful way to attract customers, especially since competitors are very good at photographing their products in a salivating way as soon as they see and desire them, as was said in the effect of the eye eating first before the mouth. 

In addition to shooting and hiring a professional team, you should put in your strategy to manage a successful pastry and baked goods project, marketing is one of the most important pillars you should work on, by allocating one third of your budget to professionally market your project, and introducing customers to the competitive advantages they will exclusively get through you.

Also take care of the aesthetic form in which the products will appear, both in terms of design and in terms of packaging and delivery, and it is important to always highlight the safety precautions taken from the preparation of these baked goods, whether from the cleanliness or quality of the materials used, and prefer to upgrade with the pastry cards gifted in the name of the customer as a special thanks to him, wishing him a happy experience with your products, this method is very successful in building an effective bridge of communication between you and him.

5-Wedding dress rental

Well we all know our eternal problem we women with official occasions, every occasion in a custom costume, and every costume should not be repeated either in terms of color or design, so we always need to buy or rent new clothes on every occasion we meet. Unfortunately, this is very expensive, especially in a costume that will only be worn once. 

From this unmet need, the idea of renting and selling evening and wedding dresses was generated, so that his basic idea is to provide various trends and fashions for evening dresses, at a very low price, in exchange for taking advantage of them for one day and returning them back to the owner. 

In order to start a rental and sale project for evening and wedding dresses easily, first study the target market accurately, so that you know whether the target geographical area is already saturated with this type of project or in the scarcity of them, do customers need evening dresses or wedding dresses? What is the nature of their general taste?  What purchasing power can they afford to rent or buy a single dress? 

There are some safety precautions that you should also take to ensure the safety of retrieving and maintaining dresses, the first of which comes to obtain a sum of money to secure, in addition to obtaining a copy of the card to ensure the owner, preferably paying the full rental price not installment on twice. 

The success of this project is based largely on the friendly relationship that you can build with customers, especially those who are nervous or frequently asked questions, each customer has a different personality with certain requirements and needs need to be met, and the fact that he came to you he thinks you can satisfy them, and you must make sure that he was right to resort to you. 

So take care, in addition to providing various fashion trends, to learn the skills of selling and talking to customers professionally as well, so that you can convince them to buy and rent what you want easily without wasting your time or customer time. It is also preferable to give customers from time to time exclusive discounts, helping to increase your profits and good marketing, as well as providing a size adjustment service to suit the client, and ironing and cleaning services. 

6- Meal preparation example

This project is ideal for women who have an exceptional talent for cooking and serving food, especially domestic ones, and the working climate is now no longer helpful to working women, so that they can work 8 hours and spend hours on transportation, then go home and prepare fatty Arabic food in all its colors. 

So if you have a wide reputation for the quality of your food and many praise its taste and ask for it a lot from you, it's time to turn this skill into a project that manages the right income for you, but before you do so you first have to take the necessary precautions, first of all focusing on a particular geographical area to meet its initial desire, to be this area with a high rate of working women, to be able to cook the nature of their favorite foods, to have a strong network of relationships capable of marketing to you. 

In addition, at the beginning of your project, you need to offer small experimental meals to customers, so that they can taste your skills and judge the basis of them, and you must have the necessary cooking equipment of foyle tools, utensils and dishes to serve as well as bags for packaging and food preservation. 

It is also preferable to start a team of at least 3 members, all of whom have sufficient experience in the culinary arts as well as their adherence to the rules of hygiene and food safety, which are the top priorities you should be interested in.  In addition, you must contract with a professional delivery company, helping your food reach customers in a timely manner without affecting the quality or taste of its delivery.

You can expand the project later by creating a separate section for healthy foods, but if you don't have the experience of the nature of these foods, it's best not to break into it, so it can negatively affect the quality of your other products and make you lose everything you've already made. 

7- Opening of nursery for young people

The latest project is on our list of proposals for successful and profitable small projects for women by proposing the opening of a nursery for young people, and comes in line with working mothers looking for a suitable place to care for and raise their children while they spend the morning working. 

However, the project to open a nursery for young people is not limited to the presence of a spacious building, a garden and some games, a project of this importance and influence on the psychology of the child and its upbringing needs many laws governing him, foremost of which is that the project manager has a high educational qualification, and has at least two years of experience in dealing with children, in addition to possessing the necessary skills and full full time to manage and control the project. 

The owner of a nursery project must also have sufficient awareness and experience in different teaching methods, particularly in keeping with the skills and requirements of the times, so that his teaching methodology depends on understanding, not preservation and indoctrination, and must provide children with the right general atmosphere in order to enjoy well-being and education at the same time. 

From the presence of sealed door handles to high-quality control cameras, as well as assistance and supervisors as well as teachers in the nursery, the nursery must also have the necessary safety tools and equipment, from the presence of sealed door handles to high-quality control cameras, as well as as the help and supervisors in the nursery to have a high degree of skill and vigilance, so that they keep the children safe and be able to build a friendly relationship with them at this young age. 

In addition, the nursery must have a separate kitchen to prepare healthy food and meals for children, as well as a refrigerator to save, and the garden must contain a variety of entertainment games to add some fun and joy to the children and love to be there all the time. 

The Bottom Line

In the previous lines, we discussed ideas for profitable and inexpensive women's projects, but these projects remain ideas on paper if you don't have the skills to launch them, so if you want to conquer your career and build a special name for you, you should first learn everything about management and marketing arts, which you will easily find in our comprehensive educational platform. 

But if you already have these skills and want to develop your leadership skills, leading your team towards expansion and deployment, all you have to do is start from now on to get your women's qualification course to the leadership positions offered to you by the Business Professional Academy.